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« The NGO AVEC is one of those rare flowers that grow on heaps of rubbish and that, in a few years, is capable of turning it into a land of hope. »

Schooling of children in Cambodia

After a year of hard work, the number of children attending the school in Daksosor has increased from 70 to 200. Positive results that AVEC intends to pursue as long as possible…

Who are we?

Since the creation of the NGO AVEC, Patrik Roux and his wife Theavy Bun have always been dedicated to preventing and fighting against child trafficking and exploitation.

Areas of intervention of the NGO AVEC

Specialized in the protection of abused children, the NGO AVEC works actively against illiteracy and for the change of mentalities by focusing on four areas of intervention

Our action in Cambodia

children’s aid in numbers 2019

Number of children protected and living in the shelter

Number of children in our training centre

Number of Children Sponsored in School

Number of children in our kindergarten

Girls trained as seamstresses

Emergency intervention at the source of child trafficking and abuse in Cambodia

Some children live in dramatic situations that do not allow them to develop normally, either psychologically or physically. The child is exploited, does not have enough to eat or is physically and psychologically abused. In these extreme cases, we welcome, if possible, these children in our shelter. To do so, we work hand in hand with the local authorities so that the process is carried out within a strictly legal framework.

Understanding our work against child abuse in Cambodia

The recent mechanization of agriculture has eliminated many jobs for people in Cambodia’s rural areas; with no more land or forests, men have left to work in the cities, especially in Thailand.

Women are left alone with their children and survive on the money their spouses bring them. Here, as polygamy is relatively common, the husband sometimes re-founds a home with a young Khmer woman he met in Thailand.


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Protection of children

Our refuge is a place full of smiles, beauty and joy, with trees and flowers. This harmony could not be perfect without Theavy Bun, the director of the refuge.

School sponsorship

Schooling for vulnerable children in Cambodia. We organize bimonthly school days in the public schools we work with.

education and training centre

Our training centre in Cambodia is a fantastic place, full of dynamism where no less than 400 children come to study every day.

Intervention at the source of child trafficking

In order to be sufficiently reactive, AVEC has developed an extremely efficient network in Cambodia. It allows to quickly locate vulnerable children and to take care of them.