Make a legacy in favor of our center for the protection of bruised children in Cambodia


When you write your will, you may wish to give some of your wealth to our NGO and thus give many children an unhoped-for opportunity to begin a new life.

It is a good way to make AVEC’s action last. Your last will then becomes a promise for a better future to many very vulnerable children.

There are several possibilities for including AVEC in your will:

A legacy: you bequeath some money or a property. In that case you must mention the sum and the receiver of your legacy: “Aide volontaire aux enfants du Cambodge

It is also possible to make “Aide volontaire aux enfants du Cambodge” the heir to a part or the totality of the succession.



In that case AVEC will inherit your assets (wealth, property) as well as your liabilities (debts).

An inheritance pact is a contract between two parties; it must respect the law.

If you leave AVEC a legacy, you can be sure your possession will be entirely used in the field.

Our NGO being of public interest, it is free of inheritance tax; therefore your entire legacy will help the children. Our NGO doesn’t want our donors money to be lost in useless expenses; we want every penny to be useful.

If you wish to contact Patrik Roux, the founder of the NGO AVEC directly to discuss it with him, simply click HERE

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Video: Moments of tenderness with the children of the shelter

Small video made by the volunteers of the NGO AVEC

Testimony: What we will remember about this refuge is the joy and the laughter of the children: these children who have all come back from far away, who have all lived through very difficult things, have found their childhood here again?

Nicole and Michel

Going as a couple as a volunteer in Cambodia...

Make a donation from France

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Current French legislation allows you to deduct 66% of the amount of your donations and sponsorships from your income tax.

Make a donation from Switzerland

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To make a donation is to offer better future prospects to children who are completely destitute and to share the hopes and successes of our volunteers on the ground in Cambodia.

Companies, please sponsor our actions

Acting with your business

If you choose to associate your company with AVEC, you tie in your growth target with social and environmental responsibility. Your commitment can take various forms:

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Our volunteers intervene in a village in Cambodia to help a child in a situation of serious abuse.

The humanitarian main lines of intervention of the NGO AVEC

AVEC works on the long term with little financial meansAs a child protection NGO, AVEC fights against illiteracy, and works towards a change of local ways of thinking by working in four directions : 1. Establishing a local information network trying to locate children...
We specialise in locating and educating poor children. We intervene every two months in public schools in Cambodia, with many children.

The schooling of vulnerable children in Cambodia

After one year of very hard work, the Daksosor village school has now 200 children...instead of 70 before ! Every two months we organize schooldays in the public schools we work with. These special days are important to keep in touch with the teachers and the people...
Two young orphan girls are playing in our child protection center in Cambodia thanks to your sponsorships.

Our children’s shelter in Cambodia

They had no tenderness, they would never play. Our shelter for children in Battambang opened on April 11 2009 ; it has become a reference as far as child protection and care are concerned. We are a small humanitarian organization. We are not everywhere in the world,...
Our volunteers intervene in a village in Cambodia to help a child in a situation of serious abuse.

Preventing children trafficking in Cambodia

Prevention of child trafficking has been the main purpose of AVEC from its beginning.  AVEC tries to make the rural population understand the dangers of entrusting children to strangers, as well as the importance of education as a factor for change. To this end we...
Humanitarian volunteers specialising in the fight against child abuse and trafficking in Cambodia. The NGO AVEC is a reference in the field of child protection.

Who are we ?

In April 2009, the shelter “AVEC” opened.« The NGO AVEC is one of those rare flowers that grow on rubbish piles and that, in a few years, is able to make it a land of hope » Patrik Roux, founder of AVEC History Patrik Roux and his wife Theavy Bun created their NGO...
Young volunteer in Cambodia during an education-related humanitarian action with hundreds of children in a public school.

Who are our volunteers in Cambodia

After years of work in the field, years of dialogue and compromises, we have now some real experience.Patrik Roux, NGO “AVEC” FOUNDER Either at the shelter or through the countryside, thousands of children call him ”Papa”. Before coming to Cambodia, “Papa” used to...
Two young orphan girls playing in our child protection centre in Cambodia.

The AVEC association in France

Created in December 2010, AVEC France is the French relay of the NGO AVEC.Based in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (64) in France, this non-political and non-confessional association of law 1901 with humanitarian goals is subsidized since 2012 by the town hall of Oloron...
Two orphan girls play in our child protection center in Cambodia.

The foundation AVEC in Switzerland

Introduction to the AVEC Foundation in SwitzerlandAVEC Switzerland is a small association in which a lot of volunteers from the French and German parts of Switzerland work to support our children's shelter. They organize fundraising dinners, markets, yard sales, and...

Who are our volunteers in Cambodia?

After years of work in the field, years of dialogue and compromises, we have now some real experience.

The humanitarian main lines of intervention of the NGO AVEC

AVEC works in the long term with few financial means, AVEC has become a reference in 4 domains

Discover our videos on Youtube

Discover short videos about our schooling actions, but also about life in our shelter.

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