Emergency intervention at the source of child trafficking and abuse in Cambodia


In those extreme cases we try to take these children into our shelter.

The ngo has developed a very efficient network in order to be quick to react. In very poor villages, hundreds of people are ready to report any awkward situation. The network is then essential to locate and take care of vulnerable children, especially when nobody will look after them.
Petit garçon dans une grande souffrance localisé par nos volontaires au Cambodge. Dans les cas les plus difficiles, nous accueillons les enfants dans notre centre de protection de l’enfance de Battambang.

Little boy in great suffering located by our volunteers in Cambodia. In the most difficult cases, we welcome the children in our child protection centre in Battambang.

Integration in the AVEC shelter Some children live in such terrible conditions that it is impossible for them to have normal psychological or physical development. In those extreme cases we try to take these children into our shelter. We work with the local authorities so that everything is done according to the law. To take a child in, we have to get several signatures: the child’s representative, the neighbours, the village headman and the county headman. The child is then under our full responsibility until he comes of age.

What we will remember about this refuge is the joy and the laughter of the children: these children who all come back from far away, have all lived through very difficult things, have found their childhood here…

Nicole and Michel

Going as a couple as a volunteer in Cambodia...