The AVEC association in France


Created in December 2010, AVEC France is the French relay of the NGO AVEC.

Based in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (64) in France, this non-political and non-confessional association of law 1901 with humanitarian goals is subsidized since 2012 by the town hall of Oloron Sainte-Marie. Two volunteers manage it:

Fabienne Lafargue

Fabienne Lafargue

President of the association AVEC France and school teacher

Anne-Lise Moulies

Anne-Lise Moulies

Accountant and lawyer

This is how everything began…..
The idea of creating a French local branch of AVEC goes back to May 2010. F. Lafargue was on holidays in Cambodia, enjoying beautiful landscapes but seeing a lot of poverty too.

This was when she met P. Roux, founder of AVEC, who showed her the reality:

in the remote villages, the misery is extreme and children live in terrible conditions where their rights are constantly violated.

Mrs Lafargue was appalled and decided to get involved by founding AVEC FRANCE in December 2010. Back in France, supported by two friends, she founded the French office of AVEC in December 2010.

Since then the association has been very active in fundraising, as money is essential to support actions in Cambodia.

What we will remember about this shelter is the joy and the laughter of the children: these children who all come back from far away, have all lived through very difficult things, have found their childhood here…
Nicole and Michel

Going as a couple as a volunteer in Cambodia...